How Online Wills Can Help You Build a Lasting Legacy

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None of us wants to think about our death. However, it’s important to understand your final wishes and what to do with your assets when you pass away to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind they deserve.

This is why getting an online will is becoming a popular option for many Australians. Not only does an online will qualify as a valid will, but it’s a much easier and more affordable process compared to going through traditional lawyers.

In this article, we’ll talk about how an online will can help you build your legacy. We’ll also touch on the key benefits of an online will and how to ensure you come out of the process with a legal will.

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What Is Online Wills?

As the name suggests, an online will is a legal will that you can accomplish and complete online. Most of the time, creating a legal will online involves filling out an online form, paying the fees, and waiting a few hours for your will to arrive. This is much quicker and more affordable than going to a physical law firm and asking them to create a customised and legally binding will.

While wills online Australia offer a quick and easy way to create a legally sound will, they are only best for those that need a simple will. If you have a complex estate, it might be best to go to a lawyer. That way, you can give clear instructions on how to divide your assets fairly and designate someone to execute the will.

How Online Wills Can Help You Build a Lasting Legacy

Benefits of Online Wills

You might be wondering why so many people decide to get their wills online instead of consulting with expert lawyers. The main reason is that online will providers offer a straightforward process and quick process. So, you won’t have to wait as long for your will to arrive, and it’s much easier to make changes and edits along the way.

Here are a few more ways you can benefit from an online will and why you might want to consider these options when dividing your estate.,

Convenient & Easy Process

To start, getting an online will is extremely easy. In fact, you can get your will online today if you want. In just a few minutes, you can plan your funeral service, decide what to do with your bank accounts and other assets, and even designate someone to execute your will after your passing. So, if you want a simple process of creating your will without incurring additional costs, getting your will online might be the way to go.

Get Your Online Wills in Minutes

When you create your will online, you can receive the complete will in just a few minutes. Most of the time, people have to wait days, if not weeks, before the lawyer arrives with a draft of their will. But when you complete the online form and pay for the service, you’ll have a legally valid will in no time at all!

Easy to Complete & Edit

When you get wills and legal documents the traditional way, editing the documents can be really tough. But when you complete your will online, editing the will is much simpler. That way, if things change in your life and you want your will to reflect these changes, you can update the document in minutes.


Most lawyers will charge high rates when creating a new will for clients. But if all you want is a to-do list of your wishes after you die, you don’t need to visit a law office. Instead, you can get your will online for a much lower cost, allowing you to save some money.

Things to Put in Your Online Will to Protect Your Legacy

A good online will can help you build and protect your legacy. But for this to happen, you need to make sure that your will includes the following:

All Your Assets

Firstly, you need to ensure that you list down all the assets you want to distribute in your will. If you have a large estate, this can get complicated. However, it’s absolutely necessary for you to list down all your assets in your will, as that will make it easier to designate who receives what.


Aside from your assets, it’s important that your will includes all your beneficiaries. After all, you need to state where and to whom your assets go in your will. To make things easier for you, make sure to list your beneficiaries’ full names and addresses.

Special Gifts & Instructions

Aside from your assets, you need to place instructions for people to follow after your passing. This could be the details of funeral services, where they can find funding for it, and even special gifts you want to bestow upon your loved ones.

How Online Wills Can Help You Build a Lasting Legacy

The Executor

Lastly, your online will should contain the name of the executor. This is the person who executes your will after your passing and should be someone you trust. Additionally, this person should remain neutral if ever there are disputes that arise because of the will.

Update Your Online Will to Ensure Your It Leaves a Legacy

Our idea of a legacy changes regularly. The legacy we may want to leave behind now may be different than what we want to leave behind years in the future. So, it’s important to update your will regularly so that it always reflects your wishes.

With an online will, you can update it as much as you want and whenever you want. You don’t need any special attorney documents and requirements to do so. This is another reason why people choose online wills when trying to create a lasting legacy.

So, even when you’ve completed your legal online will, make sure to update it every few years to better reflect your wishes and estate.


We all want to leave something behind when we die. If you want to make sure your estate is distributed properly and your children and loved ones are set, you need to create a will.

Nowadays, you can easily make your will online, giving you the peace of mind you need much faster than through traditional methods. So, if you want to give specific gifts and instructions to people when you’re no longer here, consider creating an online will today!